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Hai gula-gulaku Azfar *lap air mata*

He, a man of my loved ones
He, who always makes me happy. Sometimes he is the person that makes me upset, crying and so on.
He, who always give support to move forward.
He, who always advised to be gentle, dont be flippant in front of people.
He, always trying to make me smile, laugh and look good in front of him.
He always told me. "Do not ever break up with me, I love you till jannah."

Dear, I was the luckiest person to be able to have you. I'm always annoyed you, but it's a sign love right? I always mocked you, the cause we often quarreled. My heart aches for you because I want you to know that I really loves you.


No harsh word please !

Hi and assalamualaikum, Aida Comel here. Be nice with me. Don't you dare to judge my blog. And thanks Najmi Supian sbb buat blog yang really cantik :)

U and I
Muhd Norazfar

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